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Sakura Kasugano Remake by BLFML72 Sakura Kasugano Remake :iconblfml72:BLFML72 1 1 Me in a pose by BLFML72 Me in a pose :iconblfml72:BLFML72 3 3 Kim Kaphwan Alternate Taekwondo Uniform by BLFML72 Kim Kaphwan Alternate Taekwondo Uniform :iconblfml72:BLFML72 4 2 MattDeRac by BLFML72 MattDeRac :iconblfml72:BLFML72 5 0 Henkei Shoujo: Rin by BLFML72 Henkei Shoujo: Rin :iconblfml72:BLFML72 4 1 Me in Different Palettes by BLFML72 Me in Different Palettes :iconblfml72:BLFML72 5 0 KoF Japan Team Wallpaper by BLFML72 KoF Japan Team Wallpaper :iconblfml72:BLFML72 18 1 KoF Psycho Soldiers Wallpaper by BLFML72 KoF Psycho Soldiers Wallpaper :iconblfml72:BLFML72 6 3 Mai Shiranui by BLFML72 Mai Shiranui :iconblfml72:BLFML72 29 2 Athena Asamiya 98 by BLFML72 Athena Asamiya 98 :iconblfml72:BLFML72 17 6 KoF Psycho Girls Team Wallpaper by BLFML72 KoF Psycho Girls Team Wallpaper :iconblfml72:BLFML72 10 0 Henkei Shoujo: Haru 2 by BLFML72 Henkei Shoujo: Haru 2 :iconblfml72:BLFML72 7 0 Henkei Shoujo: Haru by BLFML72 Henkei Shoujo: Haru :iconblfml72:BLFML72 7 0 Me by BLFML72 Me :iconblfml72:BLFML72 7 15 The King of Fighters 2003 Wallpaper by BLFML72 The King of Fighters 2003 Wallpaper :iconblfml72:BLFML72 8 1 CvS Athena Asamiya XI by BLFML72 CvS Athena Asamiya XI :iconblfml72:BLFML72 17 4


2B by hitokiri-7 2B :iconhitokiri-7:hitokiri-7 36 2 ATHENA ASAMIYA by huchi001 ATHENA ASAMIYA :iconhuchi001:huchi001 25 11 Moka Akashiya Rosario and Vampire by VyktoriaTakahashi Moka Akashiya Rosario and Vampire :iconvyktoriatakahashi:VyktoriaTakahashi 17 0 2B by GUWEIZ 2B :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 4,180 66 SFV Chun-Li by 22D-Blizzard SFV Chun-Li :icon22d-blizzard:22D-Blizzard 17 31 Moon Cosmic Power Pose (Crystal Season 3 Style) by eMCee82 Moon Cosmic Power Pose (Crystal Season 3 Style) :iconemcee82:eMCee82 26 3 Cardcaptor Sakura by TheVermilionBird Cardcaptor Sakura :iconthevermilionbird:TheVermilionBird 44 4 Every victory, so much loss by shilin Every victory, so much loss :iconshilin:shilin 5,476 90 Tekken 7 Xiaoyu and Alisa in manga pop style by DigitalOme Tekken 7 Xiaoyu and Alisa in manga pop style :icondigitalome:DigitalOme 152 9 Jin vs Lili TEKKEN by mikurei26 Jin vs Lili TEKKEN :iconmikurei26:mikurei26 167 6 Kasumi DOACostume Contest 2017 by EnlightendShadow Kasumi DOACostume Contest 2017 :iconenlightendshadow:EnlightendShadow 30 16 The Best Maid by jojostory The Best Maid :iconjojostory:jojostory 158 9 CvS Honoka by Pin-point CvS Honoka :iconpin-point:Pin-point 13 1 JJBA Genderbends by RococoRoses JJBA Genderbends :iconrococoroses:RococoRoses 146 23 Joseph Tequila by Vanegaku Joseph Tequila :iconvanegaku:Vanegaku 13 1 Cowboy Bebop - Faye Valentine by ShadeCramer Cowboy Bebop - Faye Valentine :iconshadecramer:ShadeCramer 111 4



Sakura Kasugano Remake
Just a remake I made of what will Sakura look like for Street Fighter 5, she will might be in her Senior Years for her Graduation.
Birthdate: September 8th
Age: 21
Birthplace: Australia
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood type: O+
Likes: Girls obviously
Dislikes: Chang, Scolding (He does no like being told what to do)
Hobbies: Playing Video Games
Favorite Food: Hawaiian Pizza
Personal Alignment: Good
Forte in sports: He never seem to have one
Favorite music: House, Trip Hop, Instrumental Hip Hop
Powers: Light and Shadow
Fighting Style: Mixed with Boxing and Jeet Kune Do

Backstory: Matt is basically an everyday type of guy, he wanted to join the King of Fighters Tournament because he is a huge fan of three fighters Kyo, Terry and Athena who has a major crush on. He wanted to fight with them and see how they hold up and ask them to join him to face someone who's taking over the King of Fighters Tournament, he seems to like most of the fighters except for two who're Chang and Choi, Matt despises them for alot of good reasons by judging their appearance, personality and their moves and he thinks that these two are nothing but a complete disgrace of the KOF Tournament.

Appearance: In terms of his appearance, he's mostly an average young man with long light brown hair which sometimes he wears a ponytail and has blue eyes and yet he's good looking, He wears an unzipped blue Letterman jacket with a removable hoodie on his back and black jeans.

Personality: Matt is a laid-back, fun loving kind of guy and he can be very serious and stubborn at times whenever he was annoyed, However, his inner personality is that he is extremely perverted being utterly obsessed with women's bottoms, curves and thighs. Despite his inner self of pervertedness, Matt is mostly very calm, and mature when he was around with someone he knows.

Special thanks to topdog4815 for making this character for me.
Henkei Shoujo: Rin
Rin is the second character of the series, she was running on the road and went to a stop at the gas station and decided to have a little drink transformed herself into a car.

Henkei Shoujo is owned by DLE


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Matthew Lorenc
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
I just made HD Wallpapers of Games, Cartoons or Anime by the size of 1920x 1119 However the images of the characters are owned by their original owners. I just like to have a hobby to make wallpapers and sprites for the fun of it. If there is a request that you want me to make let me know Thank you.

If you want to see my Mugen videos, go to my channel If you have a request for the future Mugen fights, let me know.


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Yep it's me man,sadly those bastards at youtube suspended me yet again for copyright,and as of now,untile that site finnally gets it's act together,i'm done with both Youtube and Google Plus for good.

and not just that,and these days I got tired of dealing with idiots and morons on that site [Mostly DBZ Tards and Dic Moon Tards,because I absolutely dispise the old 90's Dic English Dub of Sailor Moon] which they have no common sense at all. youtube has gone downhill so much in recent years it's not even funny.
BLFML72 Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Youtube is pretty shitty though but I am still active though, also I'm uploading videos now
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